About the company

Industrial Diode is a completely Russian software used for one-way data transmission and providing information security of networks (including industrial ones).

The software was developed by the KHELF company. The staff of the company consists of highly qualified technical specialists, which makes it possible to successfully introduce software and hardware complexes in enterprises of various spheres of activity. Software and hardware systems are used in the sphere of electrical generation, manufacture of railway locomotives and in other industrial enterprises.

Today, the cyber-security of industries and organizations -has a paramount importance. Its methods should be balanced, easy to use and cost-effective. HELF’s solutions are an efficient and convenient way to significantly increase safety and functional reliability.


The software complex Industrial Diode

The software and hardware complex, which provides one-way connection of segments of data transmission networks with different levels of information security requirements, is used in different levels of state organizations, the fuel and energy complex, industrial production and other commercial structures. The installation of the software and hardware complex reduces the risk of threats to national interests, minimizes the possibility of financial fraud and industrial espionage.

The versatility, reliability and simplicity of the solution make it possible to use it in almost all market segments for realization of scenarios of protection of confidential data, monitoring of processes, state control, service and automatic updates.

Use cases:

Advantages of the software and hardware complex Industrial Diode:

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